The Telegraph is reporting the US has been preparing to launch a wide ranging, potentially devastating cyber attack against North Korea:

In the last six months, the US has been covertly laying the groundwork for cyber attacks that would be routed through South Korea and Japan, where the US has extensive military facilities. The preparations include installing fibre cables into the region and setting up remote bases and listening posts from where hackers will attempt to gain access to North Korea’s version of the Internet, which is walled off from the rest of the world.

Another official told the magazine that a large part of the US spying and cyber warfare capability is being refocused on North Korea, including analysis of signals intelligence, overhead imagery and geospatial intelligence.

Analysts with expertise in other areas – such as the war on narcotics or monitoring geo-political issues in Africa – are also being reassigned to the new Korea Mission Centre at the CIA’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

News about impending US perpetrated cyber attacks are highly unusual. This makes me wonder about the truth of this story. If it is true, to what extent there is an actual future plan as opposed to North Korean network assets already having been infiltrated.

There is far more to this story than being reported, and it will likely not be something mentioned for quite some time.