NBC News is reporting the Equifax hack is worse than originally thought, with an additional 2.4 million customer records affected:

The company said it was able confirm the identities of U.S. consumers whose driver’s license information was taken by referencing other information in proprietary company records that the attackers did not steal.

“Equifax will notify these newly identified U.S. consumers directly, and will offer identity theft protection and credit file monitoring services at no cost to them,” the company said.

The new information is the latest blow to the industry giant, which lost three top executives — including its longtime CEO Rick Smith — in the fallout of the mega-breach that exposed private information belonging to 143 million people.

Equifax is a company whose entirely existence relies upon their collecting personally identifiable information. Therefore it should be blatantly obvious to even the most inexperienced layman that properly securing and defending this data is of the utmost importance. To have identified an additional 2.4m people months after the original disclosure demonstrates their complete and utter disregard for the people.

This company needs to be slapped with fines and investigated for their exceedingly poor security posture, even they had any to begin with.