Dan Lohrmann of Emergency Management wonders about cyber terrorism and just how dangerous is the ISIS cyber caliphate threat to the United States:

But how serious of an online threat is ISIS and those who claim to work with or for the Islamic State? Could these groups unleash cyber terrorism and successfully bring down critical infrastructure in the U.S. and/or around the world? Where do these cyberthreats rank, if we compare them to other cyberattacks from cyber criminals or cyberattacks originating from Russia or China?

There is no doubt that ISIS has learned to use the Internet successfully to attract new recruits through the use of social media. Stories of men and women who travel to the Middle East from all over the world has been major topic of global discussion in 2014 and 2015.

So could more dangerous cyberterrorism be coming from the self-proclaimed “cyber caliphate?”

ISIS appears to be much more organized and cyber savvy than their predecessor Al Qaeda. While they may have demonstrated some rudimentary tradecraft, expect their capabilities to grow as they being to attract more potential jihadists with cyber skills towards those fabled virgins.