Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists reports about a new Air Force policy requiring plenty of rest for cyber warriors before they are allowed to perform military cyberspace operations:

New guidance from the U.S. Air Force on the use of cyberspace weapons directs Air Force personnel to get a good night’s sleep prior to performing military cyberspace operations and to refrain from alcohol while on duty.

“Crew rest is compulsory for any crew member prior to performing any crew duty on any cyber weapon system, ”the May 5 guidance says. “Each crew member is individually responsible to ensure he or she obtains sufficient rest during crew rest periods.”

Furthermore, “Crew members will not perform cyberspace mission duties within 12 hours of consuming alcohol or other intoxicating substances, or while impaired by its after effects,” the new Air Force guidance stated.

“This instruction prescribes operations procedures for cyberspace weapons systems under most circumstances, but it is not a substitute for sound judgment or common sense,” the Air Force said.

While I do not doubt this is a sound policy, it just seems par for the course for the Air Force, a service generally mocked by the others for the way it treats its Airmen.

I should not joke about it because, after all, we are talking about cyber warriors operating cyber weapons, which have the potential to do real harm. You can never be too careful.