DoD cyber security professionals recently performed a Command Cyber Readiness Inspection on an Air Force base in northern Japan and found Misawa cyber security is the best in the military:

“It was basically a test of our network security, both physical and digital,” said 2nd Lt. Jacob Swink, the 35th Communications Squadron plans and projects flight commander.

Swink said CCRIs typically occur every three years for each installation. The overall results were scored out of 100 percent, with 70 percent qualifying as a minimum passing score. The CCRI is generally regarded as highly demanding; inspectors test the physical security of locations and defense against hackers, among other aspects.

The SIPRNet received a 90.3 percent, an “outstanding” rating, and NIPRNet scored an 89.2 percent, an “excellent” rating. Both were the best ratings in the DOD.

“This is a true testament to the determination of our Airmen,” said Lt. Col. Reid Novotny, the 35th CS commander. “At no point during this process did they take status quo for an answer. They challenged every aspect of securing our network and came out top in the Department of Defense.”

I guess we now know which Air Force cyber warriors got the most rest.