The Daily Beast reports on two Argentine judges dismissing rape of a six-year-old because the child may be “gay” thanks to repeated sexual abuse by his father:

Two judges in Argentina decided that a soccer coach who raped a 6-year-old boy shouldn’t be held entirely responsible because the child had already been traumatized by previous alleged abuse—and because he supposedly showed “homosexual tendencies.”

The ruling, which was sealed when it came down last year but was leaked to the press, has caused an uproar in Argentina. It has also revealed a pair of judges with a long record of reducing sentences for sexual and gender-based crimes, including justifying a pastor’s rape of two teenage girls because they belonged to a lower economic class.

The court papers show that judges Horacio Piombo and Benjamin Ramon Sal Llargues reduced the sentence of Mario Tolosa, a soccer club coach, who was charged in 2010 with raping the unnamed boy. The pair decided to lower Tolosa’s jail time from six years to 38 months, saying that because the boy’s father may have already raped him, he was used to such abuse and had showed homosexual traits.

In radio and television interviews defending his decision this week, Piombo saidthe boy had “signs of a transvestite conduct, of conduct we had to take into account,” and argued that he had already had “the initiation by his father into the worst of worlds, leading him to depravation.”

Unbelievable and fucking deplorable. There are not enough words to describe the anger I am feeling after having read this article.

Maybe these two judges need a dose of their own medicine and need to feel what it is like to be anally raped. Only then will they finally understand the utterly disgusting nature of such an attack on a helpless, identity-less six-year-old child.

The response in Argentina has been swift. One of the judges, Piombo, has already been fired from his post as a lecturer at the University of Mar del Plata. By Wednesday, there were 32,000 signatures on a petition to speed up the judges’ dismissal.

The decision lies with a senate committee, but Fracchia expects that political and international pressure will propel the case forward. Argentine politicians from both sides of the aisle have railed against the judges’ decision. “It’s repugnant to say that the presumed sexual orientation of an abused 6-year-old boy is a reason to reduce the sentence of the abuser,” said Interior Minister and presidential candidate Florencio Randazzo. The case, said President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s cabinet chief, was “one of the biggest disgraces we’ve ever seen in this country.”

“This kid has suffered a lot,” Fracchia says. “And now the system has made him suffer again by saying, ‘You look kind of gay, so you’re used to being raped.’”

Thankfully cooler heads are prevailing in Argentina and there is something being done to right this extreme wrong.