Forbes in an older article explaining a new trend in Japan where people are flipping out over old-style flip-phones, interestingly called ガラケイ(garakei) and the origin of this peculiar name:

Unfortunately, even up until the release of the iPhone in 2007, Japan’s advanced cell phones never really picked up outside of the country, which led people to refer to them as “garakei”—a combination of the words “Galapagos” and “keitai”, the Japanese word for mobile phone. Softbank , at the time a struggling mobile phone and internet service provider staked their fortune on the new “hard to type on” “will never succeed in Japan” iPhone and made out like bandits. Gradually, the iPhone became “The Phone” in Japan.

The old style Japanese phones are now referred to as ガラケイ(garakei)—a compound word from Galapagos and 携帯電話 (keitai denwa) aka mobile phone. They were dubbed Galapagos phones because of how comparable they were to life on the isolated Galapagos Islands. Like garakei in Japan, the animals and the flora on the Galapagos were unique to the island and couldn’t be found anywhere else.