This should come as no surprise, but businesses still do not understand the cyber threat and are unwilling to invest in security their IT assets:

Cybersecurity requires agile improvement and dedicated resources. Unfortunately, instead of businesses taking the recommended holistic approach, cybersecurity is often critically overlooked. An infographic based on a study from security solutions provider Resilient Systems and market research firm Ponemon breaks down key areas of continued failure for businesses.

66 percent of the security and IT professionals surveyed said their organizations are unprepared to recover from a cyber attack, and 75 percent lack a formal incident response plan, which has not changed since last year.

More or less mirrors my experience.

[link_wrap]Infographic: Batmobile & Iconic Batman Logo[/link_wrap]

I thought this infographic depicting the evolution of the batmobile and the iconic batman logo Commissioner Gordon projects into the night sky to signal Batman’s attention is just pretty damn awesome. It is pretty amazing how a comic book hero like Batman has gone through so many iterations and is likely to go through many more in the foreseeable future.

I recently ran across this article discussing how to make the perfect salad dressing and decided I need to give this a shot because it seems just way too stupid easy:

Let’s be honest here, the only thing many of us really care about when it comes to salad is the dressing. That’s where all the flavor is, and that’s what makes a salad memorable. Heck, that’s often what makes salads edible.

But if you don’t make your own dressings, you’re stuck with the store-bought versions that are full of unnecessary sugar, cost way more than they should, and aren’t even that good. What’s a salad eater to do? The answer is easy: Learn how to make dressing. It’s way easier than you think.

Basically, a homemade dressing is just a mixture of oil, acid (such as vinegar or citrus), and flavor in the form of fresh herbs or spices. It’s really that simple. But don’t take our word for it, let the infographics below walk you through the process of becoming a dressing-mixing genius.

What is awesome about this approach is it both saves money and you get a much better tasting, fresher, and chemical-free salad dressing. Nothing compares to homemade food, and apparently salad dressing is no exception.

Here is an example of one of the few infographics explaining how easy it is to make great homemade salad dressing:


Looks easy enough, right?

I am going to give this a shot because I am quite positive I can make a decent tasting homemade dressing using some balsamic vinegar. “Change your salad life” is the motto I plan to follow.

In the late 80’s, NASA joined forces with the Associated Contractors of America (ALCA) to research the most effective household plants for removing toxic agents from the air. The study found some plants were very effective at filtering out evil like benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde from the air, helping to neutralize the effects of sick building syndromeThis infographic is the Cliff Notes version of that study.