Sankei Shimbun published an interview I conducted beginning last year November and finishing up in January 2018. The article was written by a gentleman named Bando-san, and it discusses nation states leveraging artificial intelligence in cyber operations, among other topics:



The article, quite obviously, is entirely in Japanese, and covers many of the topics Bando-san and I discussed. The interview was a lot of fun, and I even ended up breaking out a whiteboard to draw out some of the ideas I was trying to convey. I have conducted a few media sessions, and a couple other interviews, but this was the first time I took this route.

One extremely perplexing note: although the interview was conducted in the McAfee office in Shibuya Mark City where I work, the journalist opted to use the title from my previous position with the US Department of Defense. I suspect he believes United States Forces Japan Chief of Cyber Security sounds more legitimate than McAfee Senior Security Advisor? I disagree, but can understand his perspective.

Lastly, there was a photographer present during the interview, snapping tons of pictures. Of all the shots taken, WTF was that one selected for the article?

I could not help but laugh while reading this Isaac Chotiner interview with Seymour Hersh about his bin Laden story because Chotiner undoubtedly got more than he bargained for:

Chotiner: I just want to talk to you about your piece and journalism.

Hersh: What difference does it make what the fuck I think about journalism? I don’t think much of the journalism that I see. If you think I write stories where it is all right to just be good enough, are you kidding? You think I have a cavalier attitude on throwing stuff out? Are you kidding? I am not cavalier about what I do for a living.

Chotiner: I don’t think you are cavalier. That was not my question.

Hersh: Whatever it is, it’s an impossible question. It’s almost like you are asking me to say that there are flaws in everybody. Yes. Do I acknowledge that not everybody can be perfect? But I am not backing off anything I said.

The entire interview is comical. Chotiner probably should have quit early on in the interview but, for whatever reason, seems to have believed it would end up productive. Instead, he got his ass handed to him on a Hersh-provided platter for everyone to read.