Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Japan.

I was walking close to Tokyo Tower both before and after a meeting in Kamiyacho late this afternoon. Because of how close the tower is to where I was, I though I would take a slight detour and snap a few pictures of probably my favorite Tokyo structure. Tokyo Tower has charisma, appeal, and character no other building in Tokyo has, not even the fabled Sky Tree.


The sunset today was absolutely captivating, with the red, orange, and purple tones and the lovely cloud formations. It sucks I was unable to get to a location with a clear view of the sky, instead having to deal with power lines, a house, and other annoying obstacles. In the end I am quite pleased with how the photo turned out and that I was able to capture the stunning sunset.

Camera: iPhone 6 with minor post-processing in Camera+

The sunset today was really captivating, with the colorful tones emanating through the clouds while the sole star in our solar system was perched softly atop the local architecture.

As an aside, I also like the small lens flare seen right in the middle of the picture. Although the shot is a bit grainy, I really enjoyed the way it turned out.

Camera: iPhone 6 with minor post-processing in my favorite iOS app, Camera+.

Simple homemade taco rice donburi with rice, taco meat, fresh onions, shredded lettuce, two types of tomatoes, avocados, and topped with some nice sour cream. This time I took the lazy way out and used some Lawry’s taco seasoning rather than going fully homemade when cooking up the ground beef.

It came out quite well, even if I do say so myself.

Photo of the Day - 20150715
Bridge to the Other Side

This photo captured my heart with the combination of textures and colors. I love the blue sky as a backdrop for what is an everyday bridge, a technological innovation we all take for granted until the one fateful day it fails to perform its assigned task.

Camera: iPhone 6 w/minor post-processing in Camera+.

I was biking around Harajuku and Omotesando a few weeks ago and took some random pictures throughout the journey. Considering all these photos came from my trust iPhone 6, I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I only did a minimal amount of post-processing using Camera+ but otherwise the shots are mostly left intact from their original form.

As an aside, since this is my first image gallery type post, I am still trying to figure out the best way to post multiple pictures at once. Of course I can use the standard WordPress gallery functionality, I can use the theme’s built-in gallery post-formats feature (currently what you are seeing here), or I can create a gallery page and add the photography using some sort of file-system based taxonomy.

For now, until I can determine the best course of action for the site, I am going to stick with this custom theme-based gallery format. It seems to get the job done even though there are some unsatisfying quirks.