Trump attacking the free press in the United States is an absolute disaster waiting to happen:

Russian officials have made clear that the regulations were tit-for-tat retaliation for a move by United States officials to register RT, the state-run Russian news group formerly known as Russia Today, as a foreign agent.

Mr. Trump has denied any collusion by his campaign with Russian officials, and he has denied that his White House gives preferential treatment to Mr. Putin.

For months, press freedom groups have warned that Mr. Trump’s escalating attacks on the news media could inspire foreign governments to follow his lead, particularly in countries that lack the robust speech protections of the United States.

If the denunciations of his attacks ruffled Mr. Trump, the president seemed to take pains on Monday to show his opinion had not changed.

“They are all bad,” Mr. Trump added.

Whereby “they all” means all news organizations except for Fox News. That should be all you need to realize Trump is dead wrong.

If President-elect Trump desires to solve critical infrastructure cyber security problems then he needs to cooperate with Silicon Valley:

There is no indication that Trump has the slightest clue regarding the challenges of protecting our digital infrastructure or a strategy to address them. Unfortunately, there is little love lost between Trump and Silicon Valley, or vice versa, so finding qualified people willing to weigh in could be an even bigger challenge. Arora stresses, “Both sides need to look past those differences and focus on solving the actual problems at hand. The most important thing to do now, is to look at the core issues from a cyber security standpoint, whether it’s internal threat or external nation states and see what are the most important, most damaging and—most likely—not what provides the most headlines.”

A plan must be built and executed by those who have an intimate knowledge of cyber infrastructure and the threat landscape that not only exists but is possible,” declares Hanson. “The sooner we secure our infrastructure from the core the more efficient we will be in maintaining the security of our cyber infrastructure. Regulations and guidelines must exist that define what our core infrastructure looks like from the bare metal. Security at the hardware level is essential for a truly secure infrastructure.”

It will be interesting to see how Trump attempts to acquire the much required Silicon Valley assistance. The only way he is going to solve major technological problems is through cooperation with those with the requisite knowledge.

Complaining and tweeting about an uncooperative Silicon Valley, and trying to guilt trip technologists into helping will not work.

Just look at that facial expression. Does it instill confidence and give the impression this is a talented, intelligent individual who is extremely capable of running the United States of America?

I think the primary reason I dislike Donald Trump as a US presidential candidate is how he carries himself. It is not necessarily his racist beliefs in things like closing immigration to all muslims, or building a wall between US and Mexico. Rather, it is the arrogance he demonstrates when he mentions these fleeting thoughts.

The way he delivers these toxic ideas is worse than the thoughts themselves. His face is so easy to read when he is standing in front of the TV cameras, almost as if he has a sign hanging above him with an arrow pointing down at his head, and the words, “SMARTER THAN EVERYONE” written above.

Trump actually believes he is smarter than everyone, and therefore never is able to demonstrate any form of empathy or emotion. He has that same forever-entitled look on his face, falsely believing he is the smartest person in the room simply because he was born with a spoon in his ass mouth.

Does the United States really need a president leading the nation who is incapable of sympathy? While one of the leading traits a President needs is strength, they also need to have a soft side and show their ability to truly understand, and even feel, what the average person is feeling. Trump could give two shits, as long as he is increasing power, or amassing more net worth.

I have quite a bit more I can say but this is good for the time being.

Additional researchers have been able to corroborate previous claims by security firm CrowdStrike that Russia really did hack the Democratic National Congress:

Describing themselves as a “lone hacker,” Guccifer 2.0 wrote in a blog post: “Worldwide known cyber security company CrowdStrike announced that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers had been hacked by ‘sophisticated’ hacker groups. I’m very pleased the company appreciated my skills so highly))) But in fact, it was easy, very easy.”

However, security firms aren’t buying it. Some suggest this is a deliberate “disinformation campaign” to deflect blame away from Russian spy agencies.

Security researchers at Fidelis took a look at the DNC malware, and in a blog post published on Monday they say CrowdStike is correct. “Based on our comparative analysis we agree with CrowdStrike and believe that the COZY BEAR and FANCY BEAR APT groups were involved in successful intrusions at the DNC. The malware samples contain data and programming elements that are similar to malware that we have encountered in past incident response investigations and are linked to similar threat actors.”

(Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear are alternate names for the Russian government-affiliated hacking groups.)

Likewise, a researcher at security firm Mandiant told The Washington Post “that the malware and associated servers are consistent with those” that have been used before by the groups.

No surprises whatsoever. Russia is very sophisticated, and the type of information they exfiltrated from the DNC could be quite valuable to their leadership should Trump be elected President.