Version, hot on the heels of last week’s OpenDNS acquisition by Cisco, has just launched their own DNS firewall service offering many of the same features as its counterpart (emphasis added):

Verisign’s DNS Firewall leverages real-time feeds from multiple sources to enhance overall threat protection, including its own iDefense Security Intelligence Service feeds for country-specific and regional threats.

The platform also utilizes a botnet detection algorithm feeds that predicts a variety of potential threats and enhances a customers ability to protect from threats through the addition of threat indicator feeds from various third party sources.

Additionally, the service includes a of out-of-the-box content filters, including the ability to define customized white and black lists.

By monitoring DNS requests, the service can help customers identify affected devices inside enterprise networks, including mobile devices, and deploying the DNS firewall requires an update of the recursive DNS settings.

Seems like a good service positioned for small and medium sized businesses, or organizations with little to no cyber security expertise.