Inae Oh of Mother Jones on why your snobby wine friends are full of shit when they tell you the only good wine is expensive:

Find yourself in the company of an intolerable, self-annointed wine connoisseur? Don’t bother arguing about how great the $7 bottle of supermarket merlot is. The best way to deal with the inevitable snobbery headed your way might be to show them the following video produced by Vox, which slays the belief expensive wines are more delicious.

When 19 staffers blind-tested three different red wines from the same grape, the average ratings for the cheapest and most expensive wines were exactly the same! And while half of those tested were able to correctly identify which wine was the most expensive, they actually reported enjoying it less than the cheaper offerings. That’s because, according to the video, more complex wines tend to challenge our plebian palates.

I drink quite a bit of wine and am more than happy with wine in the $10-$30 range, but primarily around $15-ish. Most expensive wine I have experience with does taste good but there is only a nominal difference between it and the cheaper wines I enjoy. Maybe my palate isn’t snobby enough?