Ichinomiya is on the eastern coast of Chiba, and is currently slated to be the venue for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 surfing competition. It is a quiet area in Kujukuri, which I love, with long beaches and a lot of room to enjoy the water. Since is on the eastern seaboard of Chiba, it has great views of the sunrise, so long as the clouds are cooperating. We stayed overnight at Casual Resort COFF Ichinomiya, which has rooms made from shipping container. On January 1, after viewing the sunrise and eating a small osechi breakfast provided by the wonderful hotel staff, we roamed around the southern-is Chiba coast the rest of the day. Hebara Beach was a highlight, as well as beautiful other points of interest. The ocean was a fabulous light blue, and turned the beginning of 2019 into a glorious event.

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